Games for Good, Games for All Summit


Games are a universal experience shared across cultures. It is the diversity of play that makes for a rich and exciting world. This summit is a one day event designed to bring people together to discuss the ways in which we can increase the variety of voices in games.


Games for Good, Games for All summit created by American University School of Communication and the American University Game Lab.  Check out event pictures here.

Hosted by awarded game designer and researcher, Lindsay Grace, the Games for Good, Games for All summit will discuss important questions including how can we increase diverse representation in the game industry, game academia, and our game experiences? How can we support positive role models, address under representation and help the world of games look like the world at large.  The event brings together industry professionals, scholars and students to support diversity in games.

This is a free event, by application only. Grants of up to $250 are available for attendees for travel and accommodation expenses for this summit. 

March 8, 2014, 10 am – 6 pm.

McKinley Building @ American University’s main campus.




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